QualColor™ Ambi

QualColor Touch remote control showing touch sensitive surfaces
Model LC-001 RGBW LED Array used in the QualColor Ambi system
Model LC-001 Wireless LED controller used in the QualColor Ambi system
QualColor Ambi system with four LC-001 LED Arrays lit with a sky blue color
The QualColor Ambi system consists of a QualColor Touch remote control, Model LC-001 LED Controller, plug-in power supply, and from one to ten Model LA-001 LED Arrays.

Full Color and Warm Whites

Utilizing red, green, blue, and warm white LEDs, the QualColor Ambi generates a rich spectrum of light with high quality, 3000°K, white, warm hues and fully saturated colors with no heat buildup or harmful UV.

Easy to Install

Installation requires only a screw driver and drill. Each device easily installs with two small screws. The LED controller and LED Arrays are connected using common RJ45 (ethernet style) cabling for maximum flexibility in connecting the devices. Buy cables from Giulio Lighting or make your own custom-length cables using commercially available ethernet crimping tools and cable.

Gorgeous Indirect Lighting

Glass cabinet filled with crystal and glasses lit by the QualColor Ambi system
QualColor Ambi is perfect for indirect lighting applications.
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Cove lighting
  • Backlighting
  • Lighting effects beneath furniture pieces

Because Color Matters

Sometimes even color wash lighting systems need to light with white light. Most systems generate white light by mixing light from the red, green and blue LEDs with often less-than-optimal results. Not the QualColor Ambi system. As shown below the warm white LEDs provide a high quality white useful for every day situations.
Image demonstrating the poor white generated by typical RGB LED fixtures

White Light from RGB LEDs

Image demonstrating the high quality white light generated by the QualColor Ambi system

QualColor Ambi White

Giulio Lighting designed the QualColor Ambi system recognizing that most people quickly tire of fully saturated colors. The QualColor Touch remote control makes it easy to pick a sophisticated hue to match a mood. The QualColor Ambi system mixes just the right amount of color from the red, green and blue LEDs with white from the warm white LEDs for a rich color experience. Try getting these colors with other systems.
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