QualColor™ DMX

QualColor Touch remote control showing touch sensitive surfaces
Model CT-001 Wireless Single Fixture DMX Controller
QualColor DMX system with a DMX fixture lit with an umber color
The QualColor DMX system consists of a QualColor Touch remote control, Model CT-001 DMX controller, and plug-in power supply.*

The CT-001 is capable of controlling almost any kind of DMX fixture with different LED configurations. RGB, RGBW, RGBA, and HSI controlled fixtures are no problem. The CT-001 can even control single-color fixtures. Color data may be mapped to any channel and the CT-001 can drive control values like master intensity.

The QualColor DMX system can connect up to 30 fixtures to light a huge architectural space. Imagine running a finger over the QualColor Touch remote control and watching an entire building change color.

Touch + DMX = Win

DMX is an industry veteran that has quickly been adopted by a myriad of LED fixture manufacturers. The DMX interface is used by wall washers, architectural lights, underwater lighting, tube lighting, stage lighting -- even a DMX controlled LED ball. There's no end to the number fixture types available with the ubiquitous DMX-512 lighting interface.

Controlling those fixtures has been something of a technician's job until now. Imagine trying to select just the right shade of turquoise by means of separate red, green and blue slider controls (hint: start with 25% red, 88% green and 82% blue). Or consider the limitations of selecting from a canned set of simple, repetitive programs.

QualColor DMX takes all the complexity out of operating DMX fixtures. The right color is just a touch away. Advanced features do things like optimize the white light generated by a RGB fixture.

So go ahead, start thinking about lighting something big.
Wall washer RGB DMX Fixture
DMX RGB Stage Light
Strip-style RGB DMX fixture
* Fixture not included.