QualColor™ OEM

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Let us configure a complete, ready to install, RGB QualColor OEM system for you. Click here for details.
QualColor Touch Remote Control
Model LC-002 Wireless LED controller used in the QualColor OEM system
12 Volt DC LED Power Supply
Five meter roll of flexible LED Strip Array
QualColor OEM system with a LED strip lit with a golden yellow color
The QualColor OEM system consists of a QualColor Touch remote control, Model LC-002 OEM LED controller, power supply and one or more LED arrays.*

The LC-002 is capable of controlling almost any kind of 12- or 24-volt constant-voltage, common-anode LED array available from many suppliers including Giulio Lighting. Four output channels provide full support for white-only, RGB, and combinations of RGB and white arrays.

Each LC-002 can drive up to 60 watts of 12 VDC LED arrays and 96 watts of 24 VDC LED arrays. Typically, this means one LC-002 can drive two 5-meter RGB and two 5-meter white LED arrays simultaneously to generate a room full of light.

OEM LED Arrays = flexibility

Flexible RGB LED array
Reel of flexible RGB rope
Side mounted LED array
From the ubiquitous flexible LED array to side-facing arrays perfect for channel lettering, OEM LED Arrays can be integrated into almost any environment. Tuck them in a cove or above a cabinet. Create amazing signage. Backlight glass slabs or blocks to create a striking light sculpture. And the QualColor OEM system provides perfect control. Use RGB arrays for mostly saturated colors. Combine a RGB array with a warm white array for a complete range of high-quality colors.

QualColor OEM lets you take full advantage of OEM LED Arrays. Add color anywhere. Advanced features do things like optimize the white light generated by RGB arrays. Examples and application notes from Giulio Lighting make custom systems easy to design and install.

Let your imagination run wild.
Glass blocks lit with a flexible RGB LED array controlled by the QualColor OEM system
White items on a shelf of an end table lit by the QualColor OEM system
Decorative installation with white pots lit by the QualColor OEM system
* Power supply and LED array(s) available from Giulio Lighting and other vendors.