Only one fingertip needed

Selecting the perfect color has never been easier. Touching the colored area with a finger tip selects the hue and saturation of the fixture from fully saturated colors through lovely hues to white. Sliding around the area dynamically changes the fixture's color. Way fun.

Memory presets. Just like a car radio. Touching one of them fades the fixture to a favorite stored color. Holding the touch on a preset stores the last color and intensity set with the other controls.
Separate brightness control. Set any brightness without interfering with the fixture's color.

Built-in programs designed for the way people really live. Set the system to automatically generate a never ending, always different, light show using a full palette of colors. Speeds from kinetic to so leisurely people won't actually see the colors changing. They'll just notice the room is always different.
Front view of the QualColor Touch remote control showing the touch sensitive surfaces including the color area, intensity area, memory presets and automatic program button
USB Connection to PC or Mac. Configure advanced options in the system, use the computer to animate the lighting system according to a themed program or change the specifics of the built-in program. Control multiple lighting systems simultaneously.