Three QualColor™ systems support an almost infinite number of decorating possibilities using the high-quality Giulio Lighting LA-001 fixture, any DMX based fixture, or almost any 12- or 24-volt LED array. All systems utilize the fun and easy-to-use QualColor Touch handheld remote control and a remote LED Controller for full control over color and intensity as well as presets and automatic programs.
QualColor Touch remote control next to images of the three systems it can control
QualColor Ambi system with four LA-001 RGBW fixtures lit with a deep orange color
Easy to install, gorgeous color with up to ten Giulio Lighting LA-001 RGBW LED fixtures
QualColor DMX system with a DMX fixture lit with a deep pink color
Architectural lighting made easy. Control virtually any DMX fixture without complex DMX programming.
QualColor OEM system with a LED strip lit with a pure green color
The ultimate flexibility in design. Control almost any commonly available LED strip or flex array.
The QualColor Touch makes running the lighting system a snap. Simply touch the color and intensity. Colors run the gamut from lightly to fully saturated. Slide a finger across the control for dynamic effects. Memory presets store favorite colors. Automatic programs let the lighting system beautifully change colors to accent any event.

Each receiver contains the sophisticated LEDsmarts system providing an unprecedented level of control over the LED fixture. Most LED controllers come with a simple set of programs that use only saturated colors that flash or blink or require complex programming. Giulio Lighting controllers are designed for people who want more than gimmicks. LEDsmarts provides an ever-changing color display that effortlessly cycles through millions of subtle hues, not repeating sequences of garish colors.

Communication between the QualColor Touch remote control and one or more receivers is handled by the robust LEDlink digital radio interface. Digital radio means that the receivers can be hidden out of sight because it's the effect that counts, not the technology.