Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the QualColor™ Touch communicate?

The QualColor Touch uses a digital radio to communicate with controllers. This means that it does not need to be aimed at the controller to operate correctly. The controller may be tucked out of sight. The controller should not be enclosed in a metal container or mounted near a large metal surface. Metal surfaces may significantly reduce the operational range.

What is the range the QualColor Touch from the controller?

Each installation will vary based on the location of the LED controller, layout of the room and objects in the room. Typically the QualColor Touch will operate up to 100 feet (approximately 30 meters) outdoors and up to 50 feet (approximately 15 meters) indoors.

What is the maximum cable length for the QualColor Ambi system?

The maximum cable length from the LC-001 controller to the final LED fixture is 50 feet (approximately 15 meters). Individual segments between the LC-001 and the first LED fixture or between subsequent LED fixtures may be any length as long as the total for all segments is 50 feet or less.

Can a plug-in (wall-wart) style power supply be used with the QualColor OEM?

Yes. The supply should be listed as a Class 2 or Limited Power Supply (LPS) device. Note that the typical maximum power output of this kind of supply is about 25 watts and must be factored into maximum current calculations. A plug-in power supply can typically drive a single 5 m (16.4 foot) flexible RGB array. Please see Complimentary Companies for a list of distributors that carry listed supplies.

Can a Giulio Lighting controller be set to operate autonomously without use of the QualColor Touch?

Yes. The LC-001, LC-002 and CT-001 controllers may be set to automatically execute one of the built-in programs every time they are powered on. There are two built-in programs each operating at one of four speeds. The first program fades the attached LED fixture through the rainbow of colors. The second program fades the fixture between randomly selected colors for an always changing light show. A controller may be configured with one of the programs using the QualColor Touch Command program using the QualColor Touch remote control. Pre-configured controllers without the QualColor Touch may also be ordered from the store.

What are the installation requirements for the optional LC-002 power supply?

The optional 60 watt LC-002 power supply must be mounted in an appropriately rated electrical box. The electrical box must be accessible with adequate internal spacing to allow access to wiring. The DC output may be routed out of the electrical box so that the LC-002 Wireless OEM Driver may be mounted outside the electrical box. The LC-002 may be mounted in a plastic electrical box but should never be mounted in a metal electrical box.

Do you support Macs using the Power PC CPU?

No. However our applications are currently built as universal binaries and should run. We do not test on Power PC platforms and can not provide either assurance the applications will run or support if they do not.